What We Treat

Stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, addictions or just never feeling quite at your best self, whatever it is, our range of therapies is designed to help you get from where to are to where you want to be and beyond.

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that we get better at what we practice most often, like playing a guitar or learning a language. Unfortunately, the same applies when we practice responding to stress and anxiety in our daily lives and our brains get used to it.

The more we default to a certain coping mechanism, the easier it becomes to spring back to that response the next time we get triggered or over overwhelmed. If we stay in this state for too long, the process becomes pretty much automatic, and the brain becomes like an old computer that can’t function properly because of all the old programmes running in the background forcing the default response or behaviour to raise its ugly head even when we are trying so hard to stay “strong”.

The good news is that your brain can relearn healthy patterns to overwrite the old ones, no matter how many years you have been practising them. It just needs a bit of help to remember how to do it.

Sometimes is physical

How we respond to life and recover from setbacks or illness can have a lot to do with how much we have in the tank.

That is to say that if your body doesn’t have all the fuel that it needs, then none of your systems, let alone your brain will be able to work at their best.

This is where our range of NAD+ therapies come in. Click here to find out more about NAD+

Our Therapies

We have invested heavily into providing this particular range of therapies because we believe in their benefits and have seen with our own eyes how people respond to them.

If we had not witnessed their impact first-hand on so many occasions, Nadcell Mindcare would not have been borne.

If you are not sure if any of these therapies will work for you, please feel free to get in touch and book a FREE consultation.


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