NAD+ Cell Therapy

NAD+ cell therapy is a proven treatment for a whole host of conditions including anxiety related disorders, depression, and alcohol withdrawal to name but a few.

Prices start from as little as £380.

Satori Relaxation Therapy

The Satori chair (ZRO Touch Wellness System) helps the user to enter a state of deep meditation by sending vibrational frequencies to different areas of the body.

Single Session – £65

5 Sessions – £300

TES Therapy

Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES) is a non-invasive, completely painless non-pharmaceutical therapy tested to be effective with a range of conditions.

5 Sessions – £600

10 Sessions – £1,000

VR Therapy

Whatever your brain learns in a virtual reality environment transfers into the real world. This is an emerging science and has so far been proven effective in the treatment of a range of issues including phobias, anxiety and depression.

Single Session – £60

5 Sessions – £250

5 Day Detox

Our founding partner John Gillen has been helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years and has made it his life’s work to find a more sustainable solution that not only speeds up the detox process by lessening the withdrawal symptoms but also puts your body and mind on track for optimal health.

5 days – £2,900

NAD+ Services

5 Day Detox - £2,900

We incorporate a unique set of services alongside specialist NAD+ infusions in our detox programmes that will not only accelerate the detox process but also lessen the symptoms of withdrawl. Give us a call to find our more.

Just NAD+ £380

Give yourself a boost with a single infusion of NAD+

NAD+ Executive - £470

Stay on top of your game with the executive package which includes NAD+, 15 Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin B complex, Glutathione, Vitamin C and more…

NAD+ Advanced - £450

NAD+ and an extra special helping of some great immune busting, stress fighting vitamins and minerals – all tailored to suit your needs.

NAD+ Antiaging - £380

Turn back the clock with a boost from a infusion of NAD+ plus Amino Acid complex,  Magnesium, Vitamin B complex and more….

NAD+ Immune Support - £450

Fight of winter blues and summer colds with NAD+ infusion plus 9 Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

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