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Why do we need NAD+ in the body?

Although many individuals will have limited knowledge of NAD+ and its value, it is as important as the air we breathe and the nutrients we require to live. NAD+ is an indispensable molecule in our cells, which promotes cell regrowth and reuse. For our bodies to function optimally, we continuously require new cells. Our cellular metabolism must be active and able to operate.

However, as the body ages, as harmful chemicals are abused (such as drugs and alcohol) and as oxidative stress is experienced, our NAD+ levels do unfortunately start to decline. This can be detrimental for some individuals, resulting in ageing conditions, such as dementia, along with progressing addictive behaviours. Reduced NAD+ levels have also been associated with neurodegenerative conditions and identified as one of the key causations. 

Reduced NAD+ levels will ultimately stop cell regrowth in the body’s key organs, such as the brain and liver. By acting as a deterrent, the body’s immune system will be suppressed, increasing susceptibility to a number of health conditions. Likewise, brain impairment is likely, which is commonly associated with mental health issues.

Optimal levels of NAD+ can repair DNA, restart cell regeneration and generate energy production- in turn, helping the body function and boosting life span. With this in mind, increasing NAD+ levels, as well as undergoing ongoing maintenance, is very important, and this is possible through NAD+ supplements.

If you’d like more information on the functioning of NAD+ in the body, our expert team is on hand to provide further information.

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