NAD+ Cell Therapy

What is NAD+ ?

In short, it’s one of the primary chemicals that your body uses to make, repair, and maintain YOU.


Sounds pretty important for something you may have heard of before, doesn’t it?


Your body naturally makes Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) but as we age, experience stress or ingest undue amounts of toxins through our environment, the use of alcohol, medication or poor dietary choices, our reserves of NAD are depleted which has a negative effect on every system in our bodies.


Thankfully your body really wants to be healthy so as soon as you start feeding it with the raw materials it needs to repair itself, you simply won’t believe how fast it recovers.


Client Feedback

" After my first session I ran upstairs to do 800 sit ups, 800 press-ups, 800 squats. I’m feeling super-positive and back to myself. "
Paul Gascoigne
Ex Footballer
NAD Treatment

What Are The Benefits of NAD+ IV Treatment?

In a recent study, entitled “NAD+ metabolism and oxidative stress”, it was found that NAD+ was identified as a very important factor in cellular respiration, generating energy production and playing a somewhat unique role in the repairing of DNA.



The interesting thing here is that our DNA is not quite as set in stone as we once thought. Even if we have inherited genes that predispose us to particular health conditions, research has shown that we can influence the activation of these genes, meaning that if we give our system all the right building blocks to play with, these errant genes may never get “turned on”.

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Some research even indicates that they can be switched off even if we are already experiencing issues that have been attributed to our genes.


NAD+ plays a significant role in oxidative stress, immune activation, cell viability in neurodegenerative disorders and energy metabolism. Therefore, administering NAD+ into the body can effectively regulate stress resistance and cell death, which are associated with age-related disorders.


Studies show that as human beings, our bodies are constantly striving to stay in a state of balance or “homeostasis” which is facilitated by the presence of specific proteins and coenzymes many of which are provided by a NAD+ infusion.

" I'm off antidepressants for the first time in 3 years and I can sleep again, it's amazing what an impact this can have on your entire life."
Service User

Client Feedback

What Conditions Can NAD+ Help With?

The list of potential conditions that can be helped through a NAD+ infusion is potentially limitless due to the fact that it acts on the root cause of a condition, not on the symptom.



Our bodies are not made up from a disconnected groups of systems as traditional medicine sees us, we are one single amazing organism, and when our core systems are healthy, it feeds through to every aspect of our physical and mental health. 


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Research has however noted the measurable impact of NAD+ infusion use in the following areas:


  • Increased physical energy
  • Improved mental performance
  • Improved response to short term sleep deprivation
  • Reduction in negative effects from Alcohol
  • Reduction in oxidative stress
  • Anti-aging
  • Mental clarity
  • Long COVID
  • Stress resilience
  • Neuro protection Rejuvenated Energy Levels
  • Improved Clarity Of Mind
  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Mood
  • Reduction In Cravings
  • Increase In Metabolism
  • Energised Mitochondria
  • Reduction In Stress
  • Improved Body Composition

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Why Do I Need a NAD+ IV - How is it Different to Taking NAD supplements?

A NAD+ infusion provides the raw materials for your body to do all the work it needs to do without having to pass through a potentially damaged digestive system.

Even if your digestive system is functioning close to normally, taking NAD+ in supplement form means that only a fraction of its active ingredients would become bioavailable, i.e. very little would manage to get into your bloodstream.

Supplements do however have their place.

Once your system is functioning a level that is much closer to optimum, supplements can help keep you on top of your game between NAD+ IV treatments

NAD+ Services

5 Day Detox

We incorporate a unique set of services alongside specialist NAD+ infusions in our detox programmes that will not only accelerate the detox process but also lessen the symptoms of withdrawl. Give us a call to find our more.

Just NAD+

Give yourself a boost with a single infusion of NAD+

NAD+ Executive

Stay on top of your game with the executive package which includes NAD+, 15 Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin B complex, Glutathione, Vitamin C and more…

NAD+ Advanced

NAD+ and some extra special helping of great immune busting, stress fighting vitamins and minerals – all tailored to suit your needs.

NAD+ Antiaging

Turn back the clock with a boost from a infusion of NAD+ plus Amino Acid complex,  Magnesium, Vitamin B complex and more….

NAD+ Immune Support

Fight of winter blues and summer colds with NAD+ infusion plus 9 Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Only The Best Advice

NAD+ Therapy UK

Mr John Gillen, an NAD+ leading pioneer, was the first person to bring NAD+ IV therapy to the UK and Europe. Since 2010, John has treated thousands of clients with revolutionary NAD+IV therapy. His clinical observations with NAD+ are second to none.

As a result, John is very well respected in the original NAD+ community worldwide. He has first-hand unique experience and knowledge of the balanced dose of NAD+ protocols needed to experience the full benefits of IV NAD+ therapy. He has been featured in a multitude of media publications, including Vogue, Tatler, The Times and Dazed Beauty, among others. He has witnessed the recent wild west hype with NAD+. John continues to source the very best in high grade NAD+ compounds to ensure the best results for his clients.


Mr. John Gillen

European Pioneer of NAD+


Prior to undergoing therapy, it is advantageous to have eaten. Most clinics recommend bringing lunch or suitable snacks with you. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are normally provided throughout the day. It is advisable to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to ensure that you are relaxed whilst undergoing the treatment. Most clinics have WiFi available, so feel free to bring any electronic devices or books that you may wish to read or use during your therapy.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a thorough consultation with our doctor. Within this consultation, the doctor will talk through your medical history with you and assess your suitability for NAD+ treatment. With this information, the doctor will then be able to draw up a unique programme that's personalised to suit your requirements. This will include the prescribing of any additional medications or supplements. Once the consultation is complete, you will be introduced to your supporting nurse who will escort you into the IV Treatment Room. The nurse will check your vital signs and ensure that you are comfortable before attaching you to the intravenous drip and beginning the treatment.

NAD+ is used to treat many different conditions, and each individual patient will clearly have their own personal requirements. Whilst the dose and time scale of the therapy may vary from patient to patient, the process of how the actual NAD+ intravenous infusion is administered is the same for everyone, regardless of the condition.

As each treatment is bespoke to the individual, the time length of each NAD+ infusion will vary from patient to patient. You will be advised on the specifics of your own personal therapy during your consultation. It is worth noting that different people can tolerate different drip rates, which will also factor into how long each individual session will take.

As a general rule, you should expect to spend the full day at the clinic, to ensure that you have allocated enough time to undergo the full treatment.

Aside from the initial insertion of the cannula, NAD+ treatment is pain free. Occasionally, a patient may experience minor discomfort, in the form of tension in the stomach or slight pressure in the neck, but this can be immediately rectified by simply slowing the drip rate of the NAD+.

As soon as the intravenous drip is disconnected, you will be 100% back to normal. Unlike other treatments, there is no need to lie down or take it easy after the treatment is finished and you will be able to resume all day-to-day activities.

Every individual is different, and will therefore respond to the treatment in their own time. Patients generally experience the benefits of NAD+ after the second or third infusion, however some patients have reported feeling a positive change after their very first infusion.

Again, each patient will have different requirements and you will be advised thoroughly on this during your consultation. An average course of treatment generally takes between 3 – 5 infusions. Patients are strongly recommended to have booster infusions, between 1-3 months after the initial course of treatment, to maintain the positive results.

One of the many positives of NAD+ treatment is that there are no side effects, aside from the possibility of slight discomfort during the treatment itself.


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