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Mr John Gillen, an NAD+ leading pioneer, was the first person to bring NAD+ IV therapy to the UK and Europe. Since 2010, John has treated thousands of clients with revolutionary NAD+IV therapy. His clinical observations with NAD+ are second to none.

As a result, John is very well respected in the original NAD+ community worldwide. He has first-hand unique experience and knowledge of the balanced dose of NAD+ protocols needed to experience the full benefits of IV NAD+ therapy. He has been featured in a multitude of media publications, including Vogue, Tatler, The Times and Dazed Beauty, among others. He has witnessed the recent wild west hype with NAD+. John continues to source the very best in high grade NAD+ compounds to ensure the best results for his clients.


Mr. John Gillen

European Pioneer of NAD+

How We Can Help You

We can offer advice of how you are able to import NAD+ products for personal use.

Explore the benefits of NAD+ therapy in as little as 35 minutes at various locations.

What is NAD+? Is it the same as vitamin B3? Do NAD+ supplements work? Find out more here.

Sirtuins have been linked to longevity, improved life quality and a reduction of inflammation.

New studies are being published very regularly. Click here to read the latest publications.

Addiction Rehabilitation

We work with manufacturers to research unique IV therapy for alcoholism & drug addiction.

NAD+ Research

Over the past decade, there have been many developments regarding the applications and delivery methods of NAD+.


We will discuss NR (Nicotinamide Riboside), NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), Niacin, Nicotinamide & NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide).

The Miracle Molecule

John Gillen explains more about the super coenzyme NAD+ in our guide. 


We have research that suggests treatments that replenish intracellular NAD+ reduce the severity of neuropathology, normalise neuromuscular function, delay memory loss and extend lifespan in animal models.

Mechanistically, treatments that increase intracellular NAD+ also stimulate neuronal DNA repair and improve mitochondrial quality via mitophagy. This links two major theories on ageing (DNA damage accumulation and mitochondrial dysfunction through nuclear DNA damage-induced nuclear-mitochondrial signalling) and demonstrates that they are important pathophysiological determinants in premature ageing. NAD is a therapeutic intervention to help boost NAD+ levels.

It is now possible to deliver NAD+ systemically in as little as 40 minutes and still receive the same anti-ageing benefits. The process of NAD+ IV therapy guarantees fast and full absorption of NAD+, meaning that all of the positive effects can be felt almost instantaneously.

NAD+ IV therapy still remains the number one option for individuals considering NAD+ treatment, as the benefits of NAD+ can be fully absorbed through administering a sterile saline solution directly into the bloodstream. This delivers important nutrients and rehydrates the body, which promotes the absorption of NAD+.

For the full benefits of NAD+ therapy to be experienced, it’s very important that only highest-grade, sterile NAD+ is used. It’s advisable to check the certificate of analysis.

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NAD+ Therapy UK


Prior to undergoing therapy, it is advantageous to have eaten. Most clinics recommend bringing lunch or suitable snacks with you. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are normally provided throughout the day. It is advisable to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to ensure that you are relaxed whilst undergoing the treatment. Most clinics have WiFi available, so feel free to bring any electronic devices or books that you may wish to read or use during your therapy.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a thorough consultation with our doctor. Within this consultation, the doctor will talk through your medical history with you and assess your suitability for NAD+ treatment. With this information, the doctor will then be able to draw up a unique programme that's personalised to suit your requirements. This will include the prescribing of any additional medications or supplements. Once the consultation is complete, you will be introduced to your supporting nurse who will escort you into the IV Treatment Room. The nurse will check your vital signs and ensure that you are comfortable before attaching you to the intravenous drip and beginning the treatment.

NAD+ is used to treat many different conditions, and each individual patient will clearly have their own personal requirements. Whilst the dose and time scale of the therapy may vary from patient to patient, the process of how the actual NAD+ intravenous infusion is administered is the same for everyone, regardless of the condition.

As each treatment is bespoke to the individual, the time length of each NAD+ infusion will vary from patient to patient. You will be advised on the specifics of your own personal therapy during your consultation. It is worth noting that different people can tolerate different drip rates, which will also factor into how long each individual session will take.

As a general rule, you should expect to spend the full day at the clinic, to ensure that you have allocated enough time to undergo the full treatment.

Aside from the initial insertion of the cannula, NAD+ treatment is pain free. Occasionally, a patient may experience minor discomfort, in the form of tension in the stomach or slight pressure in the neck, but this can be immediately rectified by simply slowing the drip rate of the NAD+.

As soon as the intravenous drip is disconnected, you will be 100% back to normal. Unlike other treatments, there is no need to lie down or take it easy after the treatment is finished and you will be able to resume all day-to-day activities.

Every individual is different, and will therefore respond to the treatment in their own time. Patients generally experience the benefits of NAD+ after the second or third infusion, however some patients have reported feeling a positive change after their very first infusion.

Again, each patient will have different requirements and you will be advised thoroughly on this during your consultation. An average course of treatment generally takes between 3 – 5 infusions. Patients are strongly recommended to have booster infusions, between 1-3 months after the initial course of treatment, to maintain the positive results.

One of the many positives of NAD+ treatment is that there are no side effects, aside from the possibility of slight discomfort during the treatment itself.

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Client Feedback

" After my first session I ran upstairs to do 800 sit ups, 800 press-ups, 800 squats. I’m feeling super-positive and back to myself. "
Paul Gascoigne
Ex Footballer



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