Addictive Behaviours

A person’s addiction is as individual as they are, yet non come without their fair share of anxiety.


This is not only the anxiety of dealing with the addiction when your fully in its grasp but the struggle of trying to rationally plan your way out when you have no idea which solution will work for you to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.


Add to this the pressure of staying clean when you finally, by whatever means, reach that utopia of control and the very thought of it is enough to make you quit before you even start.


But what if there was another way?


A way to recharge and ground yourself, to reset your defaults by helping your brain to relearn a healthier response to its triggers, and in turn, help you learn to trust yourself again.


Whether you are dealing with substance misuse issues, or something less well recognised like food, sex or shopping addictions, living with the anxiety of a compulsion is not where anyone wants to be.


After 20 years of supporting addiction sufferers through their recovery journey, and constantly searching, testing and reviewing new and innovative ways to help people maintain their sobriety, we have brought the best solutions together in one place and called it Nadcell Mindcare. (click here to find us).

Is This Just Counselling?



It’s not a talking therapy, medication, or even acupuncture. Don’t get me wrong, these are all invaluable elements of the recovery process, but they are not always available to us when we need them most, and even when they are, many people find that they just aren’t quite enough to get them through.


That’s why we have brought together a unique range of safe non-medical and non-invasive therapies that act DIRECTLY on your brain waves – they are so good that some are even used by the US military for PTSD!


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How Does it Work?

We all know that we get better at what we practice most often, like playing a guitar or learning a language. Unfortunately, the same applies when we practice responding to stress and anxiety in our daily lives with compulsive behaviours – our brains get used to it.


The more we default to a certain coping mechanism, the easier it becomes to spring back to that response the next time we get triggered or over overwhelmed. If we stay in this state for too long, the process becomes pretty much automatic, and the brain becomes like an old computer that can’t function properly because of all the old programmes running in the background forcing the default behaviour to raise its ugly head even when we are trying so hard to stay “strong”.


The good news is that your brain can relearn healthy patterns to overwrite the old ones, no matter how many years you have been practising them. It just needs a bit of help to remember how to do it.

Is it That Simple?

Everyone is different and continued recovery depends on a range of factors, each one of which needs to be supported through new practices and behaviours that will be different for all of us.


What is reliable though is that life will always through us a curve ball just when we think we’ve got it all sorted so having a wide range of systems to fall back can only be beneficial.


Without digging too deeply into the mechanism of addiction, we know that anxiety if fuel for the compulsive behavioural fire, so anything that alleviates anxiety will reduce the potential for a relapse, and statistically, the longer we can go without a relapse, the more likely we are to stay clean long term.


So whilst there is no magic bullet to fix addictive behaviours, addressing the root cause of the behaviour by starting with the initial anxiety can not only lessen the number of things in our environment that trigger us but also make any response to those triggers less severe.


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Our Therapies

We have invested heavily into providing our range of therapies because we believe in their benefits and have seen with our own eyes how people respond to them. If we had not witnessed their impact first hand on so many occasions, Nadcell Mindcare would not have been borne.


We are now working on taking this model a step further with a detailed case study to measure the impact on clients suffering with a range of addiction related issues and are actively seeking participants for this study, please get in touch with us for more information if this is of interest to you.

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