5 Day Detox

Fast Alcohol Detox

The Healthy way

Your body wants to be well.


I know it doesn’t feel that way sometimes, especially if you are experiencing withdrawal, but we humans are built to survive.


When you stop drinking, your body is no longer in a constant battle against the continued influx of poison, so it can switch its attention back to actual repair.


Part of the pain you experience during withdrawal from alcohol is your body fighting to regain its health, so why not shortcut the process and give it a leg up? 

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If you have ever tried to detox from alcohol in the past, you will know that removing alcohol from your daily routine is quickly followed by a range of symptoms and cravings such as:


• Anxiety
• Carb & sugar cravings
• Depression
• Sleeplessness
• Anger and irritability
• Intense emotions


All these feelings flooding in at once and the desperate need to get back to some form of normality can lead you into a period of “rationalisation”, because much as you consciously do not want to drink, your brain wants to make all these feelings stop.


“its just the one…..”


“I’ll get back on it again tomorrow….”


This is just your brains survival mechanisms kicking in – it’s perfectly normal and very hard to resist.


So, what if you could reduce the physical symptoms of withdrawal and convince your brain that everything is ok?


Our founding partner John Gillen has been helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years and has made it his life’s work to find a more sustainable solution that not only speeds up the detox process by lessening the withdrawal symptoms but also puts your body and mind on track for optimal health.

This is why Nadcell Mindcare is different.


We provide a range of treatments that support your body and your mind to recover true health and to help you keep hold of that health once you get there, without relying on that ever-transient willpower.

Support your body

You may have heard about NAD+ cell infusion treatments being used for everything from antiaging to weight loss and a whole host of issues in between, but you might not know HOW it achieves these amazing results across so many health conditions.



In simple terms it supports your body to repair damage caused by our daily lives. 


Whether that damage is from alcohol abuse, toxic environments or poor food choices is irrelevant, your cells are fighting to survive, to generate energy for your multiple systems so that they can operate efficiently, and to mend the functions that are not working at their best.

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A NAD+ infusion provides the raw materials for your body to do all this work without having to pass through a potentially damaged digestive system where, if taken in supplement form, only a fraction of it would become bioavailable, i.e. very little would manage to get into your bloodstream.



Whilst I am sure you realise that this is an over simplified explanation of a very complex process, I hope that it highlights the role of NAD+ as an essential fuel for recovery and if you want to know more, please take a look at our resources page.

The NAD+ Role in Alcohol Detox

NAD+ is a Coenzyme which is responsible for the accelerated dehydrogenation of alcohol and acetaldehyde.



The toxic metabolites of alcohol such as acetaldehyde and acetoacetic acid and glutamate are subsequently removed from the nervous system by the NAD+, thus accelerating the detoxification process. 


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In our many years of using NAD to support alcohol detox (amongst other things), we have found it to be perfect for the prevention, alleviation, and removal of the acute and chronic symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal.



Excessive use of alcohol causes depletion of NAD+ Glutathione and B vitamins in the brain and body, our tried and tested infusions that can be used alongside NAD+, help to restore these vital elements – bringing additional relief from withdrawal anxiety and cravings unlike conventional drug sedation.



Click here for more information about how NAD+ works or here to read about alcohol withdrawal clinical trials.

glass of champagne
satori chair


Relaxation sounds such a simple and altogether unnecessary thing to do, but your body cannot recover if you maintain a high stress load.



However, being told to “just relax” are probably the 2 most anxiety creating words in the English language. Learning to chill out can be immensely challenging for some people, especially if your life is one long to-do list.



Your body and your brain may have been conditioned over time to see alcohol as your short cut to relaxation, but with the right tools, it is possible to reprogramme yourself to relax naturally.



Whilst all our therapies support relaxation, our Satori experience invokes a level of calm that must be experienced to be believed.



The next stage is to help your brain reset its default programmes.


We have given your body the raw materials to start repairing itself, we’ve supported your entire system with the deep relaxation of the Satori chair, now we shortcut those anxiety pathways using TES.

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TES stands for Transcranial Electrical Stimulation and is a non-invasive, completely painless non-pharmaceutical stimulation of the brain through the use of very low current electrodes placed upon the head.


The electrodes pass a very low voltage current to each other though the patients head which stimulates the brain to release endorphins and serotonin. (see how it works HERE)


Studies on TES repeatedly show a significant benefit in patients with a wide range of conditions from anxiety, depression and dementia through to Parkinson’s, IBS, diabetes and alcohol withdrawl!

duncan TES


Its amazing how fast your body and your mind adjust to their new normal, and you’re already well on your way after the NAD+, Satori and TES therapies, but just to add another string to your recovery bow, we use virtual reality to help you to rehearse new reactions to the challenge of real life.



Just like athletes practice winning a race in their minds over and over again so that when the day comes, it’s like second nature to them, the same applies to using virtual reality for situations that we know will test us.


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The amazing thing is that what your brain learns in the virtual world, it keeps in the real world!


So, by exposing yourself to stresses in a safe (VR) place you can learn how to deal with the feeling and emotions that they bring up, and that might under normal circumstances drive you to drink.


You can train your brain to detach from the emotional response brought on in certain situations and practice a new reaction to them without the real-life threat of actually being there.


We use innovate feedback software attached to the headset that literally reads your reactions to these circumstances so that we can see how your facial stress responses change over repeated exposure.


After a few short sessions your brain is forever changed and it’s something that you can potentially use in your own home if you feel like you need a top up.

The 5 Day Plan

Treatments include a consultation and a personalised therapy plan which may include but not be limited to the following:

Day 1

NAD+ Cell Infusion

Satori experience

TES Therapy

Day 2

NAD+ Cell Infusion

Satori experience

TES Therapy

Day 3

NAD+ Cell Infusion

Satori experience

TES Therapy

Day 4

Satori experience

TES Therapy

VR Therapy

Day 5

Satori experience

TES Therapy

VR Therapy

5 Day Detox

Our founding partner John Gillen has been helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years and has made it his life’s work to find a more sustainable solution that not only speeds up the detox process by lessening the withdrawal symptoms but also puts your body and mind on track for optimal health.

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