General research into the effects of systemic low level laser

Low Level Laser Therapy is scientifically well documented for many indications; there are more than 100 double-blind positive studies confirming the clinical effect of LLLT. More than 2500 research reports are published. In 2005 the Postgraduate Medical Journal (81:436-441) published a scientific review of 100 scientific studies from Eastern Europe on the use of blood irradiation in the treatment of The study was conducted by T Moshkovska , J Mayberry from the Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, UK. The study was published under the name " It is time to test low level laser therapy in Great Britain" . The authors of the study have come to following conclusion: "The ability to non-thermally and non-destructively change cell function is known as laser bio-stimulation and is the basis for the current use of lasers in a number of medical fields. The worldwide interest in LLLT is illustrated by its use in more than 85 institutions in over 37 countries. Since the first study was reported in 1967, some 2500 papers have been published in a range of journals worldwide and the value of LLLT is much better reported than many believe. Its scientific background is sound enough to say that it is both safe and effective." T Moshkovska and J Mayberry, Postgraduate Medical Journal 2005; 81: 436-441 © 2005 Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine.

For more information on the scientific research please refer to the book:

Michael Weber, Medical Low-Level-Therapy – Foundation and Clinical Applications, 2. Edition, 2015, ISLA Research Group Laser Therapy - Clinical Practice and Scientific Background by Jan Tuner and Lars Hode, or visit the research library on the website Tina Karu, The Science of Low-Power-Laser Therapy