NAD Treatment

A lack of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body can be difficult for many individuals. For those significantly abusing drugs or alcohol, it is likely that energy levels will be reduced, that chronic fatigue will be experienced, that side effects will heighten and that mental health issues will likely develop. This is commonly down to reduced NAD levels. Similarly, this is the exact process experienced by individuals living with chronic illnesses or neurodegenerative conditions. In unison with health conditions, a lack of energy, readily available to bodily cells can progress the ageing process, resulting in both internal and external ageing.

To the uneducated eye, NAD is simply an acronym. However, in the medical world, NAD treatment is becoming a prevalent treatment option, playing a significant role in rehabilitation and anti-aging.

Here’s everything you need to know about NAD and the benefits of NAD treatment for a range of disorders, illnesses and health concerns.

What is NAD treatment?

NAD treatment, known as NAD IV Therapy, is the process of slowly increasing the level of molecules in the body. By restoring NAD levels, resulting in balance, there’s significant opportunity for the body and mind to rebalance.

Commonly infused into the bloodstream, NAD treatment will aim to rehydrate the body, promoting cell regrowth. This is highly beneficial for both liver and brain restoration, promoting greater energy, ultimately increasing cell growth opportunities. Through this treatment option, there’s a significant chance to reduce cravings by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, recover from chronic illnesses, and also reverse the ageing process.

NAD treatment can take between 3-14 consecutive days to have an effect. Yet, amino acid infusions and B-Vitamins are also required to alleviate the body to its optimal state, along with a high dose of NAD.

What is NAD treatment?

Benefits of NAD treatment

What are the benefits of NAD treatment?

NAD treatment is highly beneficial. It can help individuals with minimal side effects from drug and alcohol abuse, rehabilitate. Likewise, it offers greater recovery probabilities for individuals living with chronic illnesses and neurodegenerative conditions.

Previous use of NAD therapy, combined with IV amino acid therapy has indicated how clients can transition to sobriety, by experiencing reduced withdrawal symptoms. Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction, can result in unbearable withdrawal. Prolonged medical treatments may also play a part in advancing recovery. However, NAD treatment is identified to speed this process up, in as little as 14 days of consecutive therapy.

Alongside addiction recovery, NAD treatment has further functions. From boosting overall health and restoring cell growth, to anti-aging effects, it is used to rebalance hormones and cell production.

Although limited access is currently available of NAD treatment, especially when considering localised treatment centres, it is a treatment option that’s adapting the medical landscape.

NAD+ has been administered as early as the 1930's. It has found to improve the neurological state of dementia patients and has been found to provide dramatic therapeutic benefits for diseases such as schizophrenia, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and muscular sclerosis (MS).

The importance of rebalancing NAD levels

Without considering alternative treatments, such as NAD therapy, a future of addiction or a neurodegenerative condition could be experienced. Once cells have depleted in both the body and brain, it can be difficult to reverse this damage. By continuing this cycle, more and more cells will diminish, motivating further physical and mental health deterioration. Here, it can be difficult for individuals to break the cycle.

With this in mind, it is very important that those experiencing physical or mental conditions aim to rebalance NAD levels. So far, this may have felt impossible. Yet, through NAD IV treatment, efficiently entering the body, this is achievable by helping to motivate rejuvenation. NAD treatment, if completed for an advised period will offer recovery probabilities for those abusing drugs and alcohol, along with further illnesses.

In a recent study “ NAD+ metabolism and oxidative stress “ it was found that NAD+ was identified as a very important factor in cellular respiration, generating energy production and playing a somewhat unique role in the repairing of DNA. NAD+ plays a significant role in oxidative stress, immune activation, cell viability in neurodegenerative disorders and energy metabolism. Administering NAD+ into the body can effectively regulate stress resistance and cell death, which are associated with age related disorders. Studies show that as human beings our goal is to stay in a state of balance, a state of homeostasis. Made possible by specific proteins and coenzymes.

Our services here at Nadcell

Here at Nadcell, we are leading innovators in NAD treatment. Our owner, Mr John Gillen is the first individual to bring NAD treatment to the UK and Europe, offering opportunity to treat a number of different conditions.

By experiencing NAD treatment, clients will have an effective chance to realign their body, while also increasing overall health. This is mandatory when looking to recover from the likes of a drug and alcohol addiction, or a chronic illness.

By completing daily infusions, you’ll soon benefit from the increased quantity of NAD molecules in your body, known to improve energy, fatigue, and overall health.

For more information on NAD treatment, feel free to get in touch. We are continuously innovating new treatments, surrounding NAD to improve recovery rates.